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4 April 2022 [Stuff]
Four-wheeled electric bike with windows is this 78-year-old's answer to Southland's wind and rain
At 78, William "Bill" Blakie rarely uses his car, instead all his travel is completed in his own custom-made e-bike, which he believes is the future of commuting...
24 December 2019 [RNZ]
Invercargill man's homemade electric bikes go global
Bill built his first three-wheeler bike prototype in his garage back in 1996. Since then, he's has constructed over 40 VERY ECO bikes and shipped them as far as Switzerland and Ukraine...
14 December 2019 [Otago Daily Times]
Home-made motorised bikes sold worldwide
Southlander Bill Blakie reckons it takes less energy to ride his three to four-wheel motorised bikes than it does to boil the jug in the morning...
25 May 2002 [Southland Times]
Quike Cool
Is it a cart? Well, sort of. Is it a bike? Yeah, kind of for the purposes of this test drive let's split the difference and call it a quike...
October 1999
Peddler Power For Osteoarthitis Sufferer
For some years now I have had, at times, a sore back. I suppose there is nothing strange about that as I have abused it a bit by either lifting things too heavy or not the right way...
3 September 1999 [Southland Times]
City Man Designs Bike For Arthritis Sufferers
Invercargill man Bill Blakie has won an AMP Scholarship for inventing a recumbent tricycle designed to increase mobility for arthritis sufferers...

21 September 1998 [The Press Christchurch]
Sit, Put Your Feet Up, And Get Fit
Hip trouble convinced Bill Blakie, an Invercargill engineer, that he needed to start exercising. He got on his bike, a 10-speed picked up at a garage sale...